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Magnesium alloy casting rods

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Magnesium alloy casting rods

YST 627 "deformation of magnesium and magnesium alloy round ingot" standard revision

ISO/NWIP 16220 magnesium and magnesium alloys - magnesium alloy ingot and ingot casting standard revision

My company has domestic advanced automated semi-continuous pull casting production line (electromagnetic stirring) production of large diameter high performance rare earth magnesium alloy casting rods ,Uniform product has large diameter, chemical composition, no oxidation slag, crystal particle size small (less than 100 microns), and other features ,My company produces the high performance of large diameter of rare earth magnesium alloy casting rods, the Shandong province science and technology department, national nonferrous metals and electronic materials analysis and test center testing,Every performance index has reached the industry YS/T 627-2007, the national standard GB/T 4296-2004, GB/T 4297-2004 request, fill the domestic blank, product quality and the comprehensive technology reached the international advanced level. Products can be used for extruding magnesium alloy tubes, rods, type, wire rod, the magnesium alloy plate and strip of rolling, forging magnesium alloy parts, and various USES of magnesium alloy parts.Its plastic deformation products and secondary products are widely used in automobile, 3 c, military and aerospace and other industrial areas, wide prospect of market


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