Sacrificial Magnesium anodes

Sacrificial Magnesium anodes are widely used for cathodic protection in underground steel pipelines, tanks, boilers, condensers, water, heatexchangers, ship hulls and marine structures applications, because it has the greatest driving potential of any other metals.

Electric power fittings

Fittings, it is the connection and combination of all kinds of devices in the power system, a mechanical load and electrical load and some protective effect of metal accessories.

Other casting products

Our company is a professional manufacturer, gravity casting and low pressure casting mainly produces metal mould casting and shape more complex core sand castings.In 2013, has passed the certification of TS16949 automotive.

Extruded Profile

Elements Al Zn Mn Si Fe Cu Ni Ca Others,total

Magnesium alloy casting rods

My company has domestic advanced automated semi-continuous pull casting production line (electromagnetic stirring) production of large diameter high performance rare earth magnesium alloy casting rods ,Uniform product has large diameter, chemical composition, no oxidation slag, crystal particle size small (less than 100 microns), and other features ,My company produces the high performance of large diameter of rare earth magnesium alloy casting rods, the Shandong province science and technology department, national nonferrous metals and electronic materials analysis and test center testing,Every performance index has reached the industry YS/T 627-2007, the national standard GB/T 4296-2004, GB/T 4297-2004 request, fill the domestic blank, product quality and the comprehensive technology reached the international advanced level.

MMO Wire

Composition Titanium, Grade 1 per ASTM B265

Transformer Rectifier

Cathodic Protection rectifiers are designed for protection of underground metal constructions such as pipelines, oil wells against soil/electrochemical corrosion. CP rectifiers are suitable to adopt all kinds of reference electrodes, like Zn, Ag/AgCl, Cu/CuSo4 electrode.

Test Station

cathodic protection test station is a field proven, high strength, maintenance free terminal for monitoring electric currents and potentials. CP test station to satisfy CP testing needs in the oil, gas, water, chemical, water pipeline and electric industry.

Reference Electrode

Reference Electrodes are made of Copper Sulfate, Silver Chloride and Antimony, which used as a half cell to build an electrochemical cell.

High Silicon Cast Iron(HSCI) Anode

HSCI anode has the feature of less consumption rate, durability and strength which make it has longer life than sacrificial anodes in CP systems. The HSCI anode also has good electrical conductivities makes it wide used in soil, offshore structures, underground pipelines, cables, etc.

Sacrificial Zinc Anode

Sacrificial Zinc anodes are used in applications for protecting the pipelines and marine structures from corrosion in seawater and saline mud. Zinc anode also suitable for the protection of storage tanks, fishing boat, submarine, stern drive and offshore platform, etc.

Sacrificial Aluminum Anode

Sacrificial Aluminium Anodes are simple and economical that it could be performance under a variety of environmental conditions, after proper installation that Aluminium anodes will performance efficiently and continuously without any attention for CP systems.

Magnesium anode rod for water heaters

The magnesium anode rod is designed to make a longer life for water heaters and boilers, it is the solution to smelly water and sediment control and other specific problems. We supply the water heater magnesium anode rod following the standard of NF EN
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