High Silicon Cast Iron(HSCI) Anode

HSCI anode has the feature of less consumption rate, durability and strength which make it has longer life than sacrificial anodes in CP systems. The HSCI anode also has good electrical conductivities makes it wide used in soil, offshore structures, underground pipelines, cables, etc.

Sacrificial Zinc Anode

Sacrificial Zinc anodes are used in applications for protecting the pipelines and marine structures from corrosion in seawater and saline mud. Zinc anode also suitable for the protection of storage tanks, fishing boat, submarine, stern drive and offshore platform, etc.

Sacrificial Aluminum Anode

Sacrificial Aluminium Anodes are simple and economical that it could be performance under a variety of environmental conditions, after proper installation that Aluminium anodes will performance efficiently and continuously without any attention for CP systems.

Magnesium anode rod for water heaters

The magnesium anode rod is designed to make a longer life for water heaters and boilers, it is the solution to smelly water and sediment control and other specific problems. We supply the water heater magnesium anode rod following the standard of NF EN
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